Upgrading To Visio 2010


This Upgrading course is intended to help experienced users of Visio 2007 and earlier get up to speed with new features and functionality. This manual will also help users of Visio 2003 and earlier who have little to no experience with Visio 2007 or the ribbon interface.

Highlights of the course include a complete overview of the ribbon interface; information on the new containers feature; and an in-depth look at process diagrams, cross-functional flowcharts, data graphics, and legends.

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Getting Started

The course will begin with a look at how to open and interact with Visio. Participants will also learn how to view and use tabs on the ribbon, how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar, and how to create and customize ribbon tabs. An overview of new features is also included.

New and Improved Diagram Tools

This section starts with a look at different ways to create a new diagram. An overview of Visio 2010’s sample files is also included. Then, Auto Align, Auto Space, Auto Size, and AutoConnect are covered. Next, picture formatting tools (including AutoBalance) are discussed. My Shapes, Quick Shapes, themes, and file management tools are also covered, followed by a look at page setup options, print preview, print commands, and publishing a diagram to PDF or XPS.

Containers and Callouts

This section is all about creating, formatting, and working with containers and callouts.

Advanced Diagrams and Tools

The final section of this course starts with a look at how to create and validate process diagrams, including information on how to create and link subprocesses. Then, cross-functional flowcharts are covered. Information on data graphics and legends is also included.

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